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How It

1.  Check out our weekly menu.

2.  Choose the quantity you want to receive.

3.  Order on Monday for a Wednesday delivery.

4.  Get pre-measured and prepared ingredients, fresh and wholesome, to your door.  No wasting time in cutting!

5.  Prepare delectable meals in the comfort of your home.

Quick, easy and delicious!


We use simple, fresh ingredients that are nutritious and "close to the source."  They hold up to preparation and storage without additives and preservatives. 


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"Everyone deserves a healthy indulgence."

— Lisa Zaldivar, Chef & Owner

Events & Catering

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Truly Tasteful began as a catering company blah blah blah, origin story.  Lisa's love of nurturing carries into every detail of the business from going above and beyond in planning an event that absolutely delights her clients to perfecting the fold in each napkin. Lisa has worked side by side with chef legends such as ...... To find our more information about event services, fill out a request form.